Our Fairytale


I closed my book, I closed my eyes and feel the night
It’s been sometimes since that night
The night I never forget
Hiding under my blanket and pretend you were beside me
Giggled over your text
Blushed on every sweet words

Yes, I have never seen your eyes
But I was in love
Imagined how you will show up
Not as the night, but also the sunlight
Not for five minutes hello
But for entire life

I was hardly believe on fairytale
Always made joke of it
But my head was a cinderella at that moment
Waiting for the fairy and kiss the prince
Meet him on the magic night
Marry him in the castle

I have been chasing rainbow all along
I could see it, hope to touch it, wish to live with it
But the rain wiped it when I was closer

Then it comes the night again
Not with you, but the memories of you
The memories of us, and our fairytale
I miss you



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Hi, I'm me. Who am I? Read me. :P

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