A Story about The Night and The Black Wings


What’s prettier than a star in the dark night
One star on the middle of the night sky
The little light you can’t touch
The little blink that stays far away
A couple of bright wings you can’t have

That’s an old story
And it’s time for the night
Not every star wins in a story
Not every angel got a pair of wings
Sometimes the devil becomes a winner
It was not the light of the star that made you warmer
But the dark of the sky

Sometimes you don’t need a sip of honey to fall in the trap of love
Sometimes alcohol wins
Sometimes a plan of the whole happy ending should lose
And one night stand become the winner

It didn’t begin from a beautiful friendship
It began from a drunk sex on the rainy night
It was not from a decent “hello” on the park
But from a flirting sound on the bar

There was no a sweet first kiss
Just a passionate kiss that told they need to get released
Like a beast from the cage
Like prisoner from the dungeon
Like the rising of helios from the horizon

It was meant to be just a game
It was all about playing the field
It was just about killing the time
Not even giving a damn

That was a series of lies
That was a box of broken glass
And it was a perfect-melting-ice
Or some unimportant choice that rolled by the dice

It’s been a full rotation of the earth since the first glare
A lot of papers have been written with beautiful lies
Marked by every sweet words
Designed by a complicated lust

Now it is not just about killing times
Now there are a lot of staring while sleeping
Now there are a lot of hugs without rushing
And now there is a glimpse of the night trap

Now it is not about playing the field
Because the field has taken control
The warm of the night, the peace of embrace, and a sweet kiss
But there is something else
A thing that should not come to the devil
A little thing that should not touch the black wings
A simple smile that means a curse
Three little words that means a new beginning
And that is a story about the night and the black wings



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3 thoughts on “A Story about The Night and The Black Wings”

  1. Entah kenapa aku langsung ngebayangin dirimu berada di panggung yang minimalis eksklusif, kak. Terus aku dimanjain poet2 emotional dirimu kak:’) ah tontonan kelassss. Semoga suatu hari nanti aku bisa liat kak firoh bacain poet2nya. Haha amin

      1. justru itu aku ngebayangin kak. aku seneng banget ngebayangin hal2 serem akhir2 ini, btw. gimana kak, udah siap tarung buat eleksi di jerman timur? 😦

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