I am Getting Married !


Hi everyone..I’m getting married on 11th of December 2016. I know it’s sudden, just a small simple event in my house. So please don’t take it personally if you arent aware of it. Seeing that its too all of a sudden and is just few weeks from now, I’m not planning a big wedding but yes it will be a memorable time of my life. I would love it if you take out time to be a part of it. I will be inviting some family and my closest friends, as the customs say. I’ll be mailing out invites soon so I would really appreciate your presence on this day. Please don’t worry about bringing any gifts

since its on such short notice. Just bring me someone I can get married to, and its all good to go. Let’s see who reads this entire status. I find this hilarious. So before you do anything fool just shut up and copy paste this to your wall and see how many will fall for it. Thank you. 🙂

Isn’t that fun? Hahahahahaha! Some of my friends fall for that! I love it! Hahahaha.

So, I met my friends today, we talked about everything, typical me haha. Then I realized something, because one of them would get married soon. Wow! Another friend is getting married, damn I should start to find a great idea of wedding present (again). What gift should I get for her? No, that’s not the issue I should bring here. -,-

Okay, so I realized something. I am getting old. I have never given a damn about something like this. Yes, I imagined about the wedding kind of thing, but I missed the fact that I am already at the legal age to get married (legally, because the rules said you could get married after you are 18). NO! I don’t wanna do that now, I may be 21 but I am just 10 years old inside. So, it is still “illegal” for me.

Marriage is beautiful, I know. Maybe. Having someone to bully everyday, make fun of each other everyday, someone who would help you clean the house, someone who love you, and said cute things everyday. Yeah that’s cute! I know all the cute things from my mom and dad. Damn, they are cute couple. (Eww, I said that). Yeah I mean, they understand each other, they got crazy together, compromise, trust each other, love, survived from all of the problems we had. Almost 27 years together, and they still flirt to each other. Dude, please! I remember few days ago my mom told me, “Your dad sent me a poem. Wanna listen to that?” She didn’t even wait for my answer and read the poem. Cheesy!!! “Mom, I am single!” that’s what I said to my mom. Okay well, I mean there are times when you were happy like that in a marriage.

But sometimes there are storms too. When something bad happened, you should walk in a bad road, and stuff. And there are 2 heads in a house, it could be easier if there was just one head. Because when you are alone you don’t need to think about the risk (for other people) of choosing some random road. But when you have vowed to be together forever, taking care of each other, love in health and sick, you must think about other’s feeling too. And I know, compromise is hard to do.

I f I might say marriage is like you walked in a forest without a map. You and your partner would enter the strange place, dark, just two of you. Then you would decide to make lights, how you guys could walk with the lights, maybe one of you have torch, or both you have fire matches and make fire. You should decide, so you could see the road and walk in the forest. Then there would be a time when you out of water, and should decide where to go to find water source, right or left. And maybe on the way to find some river you would found the beautiful places in the forest. We don’t know, the forest is full of mystery. Not just beautiful places, sometimes there is beast there. But you should note something, whatever happened you should not leave each other. Because one time you do that, I believe it would be hard to found the way back. You could lost in the forest, couldn’t find the way back to your partner. You should face something together, don’t care how hard it is. Just trust each other, try to solve the things together, and walk together.

It is so easy to say that, that’s why I just say that. Not considering to do that. God I am so wise!!! So for my friend who is getting married soon, good luck. Wish you all the best. I wish I could get all my wedding fund and buy books. With all of those books, I could enter any kind of forest, even Fangorn! Then I would say to my dad, “Dad, meet your son in law. Who do you want to meet? Legolas? No? Eragon? No? What about Mortimer Folchart? Sherlock Holmes? Some journalist that happened to be terrorist’s son? Or Lestrade? Darcy? Tom? Moriarty? Mycroft? ” Then that would be the time when my dad sent me to the asylum. The end. Happy ending. Well, good luck to you guys! Say hi to Mr. Pool 😛



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