“It Goes to Somebody Else”


He let me to step on his head
He let me to hurt his heart
He keeps hug me on his bed
He kissed me and it felt great
He keeps me addicted
And I never left his hand untied

I am playing with a fire
But somehow I am not scared to get burned
I am standing in the great hall of hell
And I can’t wait for the devil to shake my hand
They couldn’t find regret in my black eyes
They also couldn’t find a heart in my chest
They have just found a glimpse of twilight in my head

Red, for every hug in the night
Blue, for his soft touch
Violet, for love on his brown eyes
And orange as fire, for every burning desire

I am a prisoner to my addiction
And he is my addiction
He is my heaven and hell
He is a slave and a king at the same night
He has the black wings, but shine like an angel

I own him
All of him
His body, his head, his touch, and his heart
And he owns me
But just my body
“Then where do you hide your heart?”
The devil saw my grin
“It goes to somebody else”



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