Wake up in Texas


I am not gonna tell you a nightmare
But the smell of grass in a village
A peace morning from a little barn
And a beautiful music from the countryside

Texas, The south
Where I spent half of my youth
Dancing on the wheat field
Feed the goose and try to not loose
Because Texas is just not about wheat fields
Or running around with our horses
Come to San Angelo and become a cowboy

But sometimes Texas is about warm sunny day
Laying under a big tree
And get along with nature
Spent sometimes alone so you get to know the sun in Texas
Or dancing in the high road
Hitchike and laugh with strangers
A little poker game in bar
And a drinking game until dawn

I smile under a Texas sky
In the back of my truck
And I hope tomorrow I still wake up in Texas



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Hi, I'm me. Who am I? Read me. :P

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