My Tattooed Man

He is no angel
He has never been an angel
He just got ink
But don’t judge him!

He suits to be a villain
He suits to have black wings
When you saw him you’ll lose will to sing
But don’t judge him!

He is the man with tattoos
He challenges taboo
But don’t judge him!

His body is a canvas
With a lot of beautiful paintings
God made him as an artist not a villain

The world calls him as the night
“He can’t be a daylight!” they said
Don’t judge him!

He got ink on his body
But he is not bad thing
He painted his skin
But he still smiles for everything
He looks different
But he takes a good care of his daughter
He may be strange
But he is always caring

Yes, he painted his skin
Yes, he looks like villain
But he got a good heart
And he is a good dad
He is always be a good man
My man


January 24, 2017

I love tattooed man, because paint your body is a commitment. That is not something you can do easily. And until now some of part of the worlds still think that tattooed man represent a bad guy. For my perspective that’s not true, they just paint their body so what? Their appearance has nothing to do with their attitude. There are a lot of bad guy without tattoo too. The world labelled tattooed man strange because it’s uncommon. Fuck the world! They are sexy and again have tattoo is commitment. A man who doesn’t afraid of commitment is always be sexy. And a tattooed man with kid? Oh GOD!




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2 thoughts on “My Tattooed Man”

  1. tapi Anna, melawan pandangan orang kebanyakan adalah hal besar yang harus kau pikirkan dengan matang. mereka tak pernah suka ketika warisan (sudut pandang mereka tentang ini) dari orang tua mereka kau beri tandingan.

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