It was sixty years ago
When the desert was an ocean
The mockingbird was still singing a rhyme
And the sky was painted blue

A paper full of night and sky
Burned by fire from the seventh hell
But the earth was still blue
The angel turned to be a devil
But still shine with their halos

It was always at the end of the day
When the Milky Way lost his light
And become a creepy rock cluster
Without a name, without a fame

It full of dark but still warm by sunlight
Feel the peace of graveyard
But still in pain of death
Turned every human into a lifeless corpse
Let the soul go and never let them back home

Couldn’t stay on the ground again
Even the gravity turned into black
Let everything flies and lose into nothing

Try to keep sane with drugs
But even the wise become lunatic
Questioning mass and space
Crying over a shadow
And dream about suicide

It was sixty years ago
When her life came to the end
Froze the heart
But her body kept the blood flows
And trap her mind into paranoia



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