I was Lilac and He was Blue


My hand went through the dusty bookshelf
Touching every bundle with smile
Then my finger pulls my highschool memories
Turn the brown pages gently
Don’t wanna make this broken

I was a rebel with a duckhead
An expert cheater who just care for literature class
Hide behind beautiful words to make up lies
Then I found another memory
A musical finger on a guitar
A lonely soul but a lovely brother
A boy who knows my flaws
A dream I never had

I was a purple on sunlight
I become the one who tap his head
And arms when he needs a hug
Went through hell when he started to fall in love
Cried when he cried
And cried when he didn’t cry

But this was highschool
When my head dreamt about those brown eyes
A mindless dreaming when he said “I love you”
A wishful thinking like saturated sunlight
He was like summer in northpole

I turn the pages and saw that smile
The smile I never had
He hugged me, but that was not the hug I hope
I wiped his tears but I hate the way he looked at me
Those eyes told me, “You are my bestfriend.”
While my heart hoped a love sight

He was different
He never throws a line
Because we walked on different line
I was lilac while he was blue
He was my dream
While I was just some extras in his movie

I close the old pages
It came to the end
Everything was blue
It was always you, my friend
I close my eyes and smile
“I was in love with my bestfriend.”



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