Born to Lie


 24 hours I saw the sun a day
But the dark hugged me a second longer
How can I draw rainbow when I am colorblind
I hope for some warm in the huffing of wind
Even the snow falls into my mind
Create storm
Turn white into grey

There comes a smile
But I saw a mask of lie
Like a shadow of the storm
In the middle of summertime
Hard to find for the blind
Impossible thing for anyone who hug the warm

This is not about time and will to fly
Or a quick love that comes by
Because they put snow in a fire
Disguise their lie into some manner

They don’t have wings to fly
And they said they could touch the sky
Talking to the stars
While they are just sitting on the bar

They draw color for colorblind
They talk about warm while blowing the wind
They create storm in summertime
And of course they don’t call it lie
These are just some words to play

They spread beautiful words from ear to ear
And make deal with pain and death
For every soul they get
For every tears they wipe
For every glass they break
For every lie they sold

They claimed the night and dress all black
While they kill the light and disguise into bright
They are no saint
But people call them saint
After they put a fake halo on their head
Suddenly the snake become a lamb
And the devil hides behind an angel figure

But open your eyes
Feel the night and talk silently to the night
Take a sight of the fake light
Close your eyes and talk to God
Then you’d see their horn
You’d know they are friend of the dark
Then you’d know to not bow to the night
And step away from the snake
Listen to your heart
And don’t ever turn your head into the night
Because they were born to lie

January 25, 2017


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