You know about the next word I am gonna write. This is not an old song, neither an ancient manuscript. This is about whisper you have always heard in the middle of the night. Enter your mind like a grey fog.  Set your heart in a fire and burn you inside. You are undead, but you can taste hell. Saw the mighty Hades throw you his grin.

Run and run, hide behind Nyx’s cloak. Pray to Zeus and hope for some wisdom from Athena. But this power is impossible to defeat. Like a little worm inside your meat. Eat you bit by bit. You can’t see it, but it kills you inside. Even your demon is not on your side. So, don’t you ever hope for your guardian angels. They died.

You will feel it when he starts to walk into you. A scary wind blows from the grave. A loneliness like you stand in the middle of the desert, alone. The raven begins to sing and kill the mockingbird. It is all black, it is all dark. There will be no laugh nor smile. Just tears and some pain. Then your feet begin to step on broken glass. And you dressed in black.

But you realize that your head is in the deep blue ocean floor. Try to find some air but you drown further and deeper. Darker and darker until you blind, or you just couldn’t find the light? You will see a window and a little light from a candle. Touch it, it helps you to breath. Feel it, it smells like heaven.

Then the next time you have touched it, it chokes you. Take your breath away, slow and painful. Your eyes turn into white but still have little time to glare. His hand brush your face, so gentle. This is where the pain ends. You had met Hypnos everyday in your life. Now it is the time to meet his twin brother, Thanatos, the death.




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