I Met Him


It was in the middle of nowhere. Where I lay on the dirt with bunch of refugees. I was not dead, but I felt like one. Until I tried to reach a hand for the eyes I knew. The eyes who lied beside me . I smile but it remains the same. I touch his hand and he kiss my arm. He pulled me closer to his body. Try to heal my wound with his hug. I smile again, and again his eyes remain the same.

Then there was a twilight. Red, blue, and orange sky with a sun which still high. I tried to catch it but I failed. He tried to catch it for me. But we were 30 second late. And he just catch the sun. I smile again, and now I see his little smile.

We started to walk in savannah . Surrounded by the warm of summer. Holding hand and step on beautiful grasses. Like in movies.

Then we came in to train station. He knew how much I love train (without my anxiety). There was no one. Just us. Playing around. We lied on the railway. He saw my smile.

Then the end came. When the sun was rising up. Blind my eyes and give me back my consciousness. I am not on the railway. I turn my head and touch the empty space. I smile, “I met him.”




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