It Is Not His Castle, But His Personality!(Beauty and The Beast)


I wrote this because I have seen some memes that turn to be insult for Belle, and well for women. And I hate those memes, those memes are like try to strengthen the bad image of women. Those memes tried to say that women is all about money. Women would not care about anything (including your look and temperament) if you have a castle. Dude, I believe the one who made that kind of meme is Gaston’s fans. Gaston’s fans who felt disappointed by the ending of Beauty and The Beast story, and Gaston’s fans who has no brain just like Gaston.

These are some memes I am talking about

Before all of things I would write, I believe that Belle end up with The Beast was not because she loves the castle, or because he is rich. The first time Belle landed his affection for The Beast/Prince was when Beast tried to save her from wolves’ attack (Belle tried to run from castle because Beast has got angry after Belle entered the west wing of the castle. She was scared by Beast’s temper). But after Beast helped her in that night, Belle knew that Beast still got a good heart inside.  And that was the early sparkle of love has been planted.

Beauty and The Beast.mp4_004004578

In the cartoon version (1991) of the movie, Belle said thanks to The Beast for helping her that night. She said it when she tried to cure The Beast’s wound. And after that The Beast was kind of have an affection for Belle, he said to Cogsworth, “I’ve ever felt this way about anyone. I wanna do something for her. But what?” Then that was when he showed his library to Belle. Lumiere suggested to him to give her something special and sparks her interest.

Beauty and The Beast.mkv_003204217Beauty and The Beast.mp4_004159197

But in the live-action movie (2017), that scene didn’t exist. He knew about Belle’s interest for books when he woke up listening to Belle’s talking about Shakespeare’s line. And he continued the line, because HE KNEW IT! He has a good education, and by that time someone who likes to read was seen as an odd person by society. Reading was a rare hobby back then. Even Belle was seen as an odd girl in her village because she reads too much and has some anti-mainstream ideas.

Beauty and The Beast.mkv_000349995

And from that we knew that Belle has found someone who has the same interest as her. And talking and living with someone who has the same interest as her and not see her as an odd living-creature, those make her feel comfortable. That’s not just for Belle, but we all are like that. Because people like that when someone understand what they are talking about and get along with that. Beast could understand what Belle’s said about all literature she read. And that made her comfortable with him.

Beauty and The Beast.mp4_000965269Beauty and The Beast.mkv_000420832

And another reason why I said Belle doesn’t end up with Beast just because he is rich is Gaston was also a rich man in his village. People in their village love him, he is strong man, rich, the village-hero, and handsome.  If Belle was just about the money, she could have chosen Gaston. But no. Why? Belle is an educated women. He might be rich and the village loves him, but she knew Gaston is an illiterate man, he is a narcissist, sexist, and arrogant. He can’t even read. So Gaston’s personality doesn’t suit her.

There’s something sweet and almost kind, but he was mean and he was coarse and unrefined. And now he is dear and so unsure. I wonder why I didn’t see it there before. “

Those lines are from one of the movies’ soundtrack. Those was Belle’s line. From that line we could see how Belle being attracted to The Beast by his new personality, not by his money.

Beauty and The Beast.mp4_004318745

If I could say, Belle and The Beast also complete each other. Belle wanted an adventure, a new things for her life. And Beast give her the adventure. Adventure doesn’t mean go to a lot of place, but it could mean a new life too. She lives in a new place with new people. Beast gave her all the books, and for me that’s a real adventure. Then he make her live with people who didn’t see her as an odd person.

In the other hand, Belle taught The Beast how to love. She make him as a good person. She revealed the good side of him. He was the one who have no hope, living in a dark place, with all the grudge, and despair. But after he meet her, he changed and feel happiness again. He even tried to make jokes for her (In Beauty and The Beast 2017 version).

So, from all of that I believe that Belle doesn’t end up with The Beast because of the castle / riches. That story told us that looks doesn’t matter when you have a good personality (not a castle!). So that would be great if we could see it not from Gaston’s stupid perspective. After all, Beauty and The Beast is one of the story that has no “instant-love” like Cinderella, Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty. And that’s a good thing, because love needs process. And there is no such things as “Love at the first sight.” But there always is “Lust at the first sight.”

And stop all the jokes about women. Because women is not that bad. We don’t choose to end up with you just because you have a  castle or you are rich. But we choose you because your personality. And there are a lot of stories I wanna tell someday about women’s sacrifice for her love. Like the story of Wallis Simpson (Duchess of Windsor) who should give up her comfortable and private life to married Prince Edward. The world had just have interest to how Prince Edward abdicated his thrown to marry her. But they rarely saw her sacrifice for him too. If you wanna know this story from Wallis’ perspective, watch W.E (2011), British romantic drama movie about their love story. And lately there is a story about Japanese Princess  who give up her royal status to marry a commoner. Love is complicated thing, I thought you can’t call it love if you end up with someone just for their riches or castle or even look. That’s lust. Don’t inherit Gaston’s brain please.


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