Dear soul, how long have you been starving?
Keep flying on the sky
Like a little baby on his sleep
Touching star and dancing like an insane
Rolling up your hair and put up on high heels
Fill your head with dope and got a high hope

Putting a thread on a needle
Sewing your heart back to your hollow chest
Pouring your blood back into your mind
Cracking your bone and left it outside
And burn the rest

This is my last words
Carved on your skin
As a tattoo of my gospel
Stays immortal like a blue sky
Baby, I won’t let the devil touch your skin
It is all mine

I am going down and I got lost
I don’t even have time to see the disaster
I am just gonna kiss you and left
Before sun hugs the night sky

I will be on the gate of hell
Trick the heart to burn as the head turn back to death
This is the last time
And the devil would lost his throne
I am alive

I am still breathing
And this is my reign
Don’t hide under your pillow
Because I would find your pain
Tear it apart and set it free
I will throw you back to heaven
And don’t worry about underneath
Because hell is on my reign
And the devil would never be free



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