It was a navy blue
But you changed it into the light one
It was a blood
But you touched it and turned it to dust
Look what you’ve done

Your highness on the throne
More like a bug on the rotting centerpiece
A shining knight on the horse
More like a heap of horse crap
A captain of glamour ship
More like stunning coward who’d been shot down by a bulshit
Oh your highness

Standing like a whale
While you are just a mackerel
Remember 5 minutes from now you will be in the can
Oh your highness

Too proud of the forest
Kind of hate the land
Scared of the fire
And drowning in the little pond
What are you?!
Oh your highness

Face your crown
But you are not a king
Run around chasing the rainbow
But summer never had snow
Shaking hand with shadow
More like a racer who wants to take it slow
Oh your highness

Oh your highness
You stand too long in front of mirror
You fly too high
You forgot to land
And think you are too grand
And oh your highness
You are not in a mansion
It is just your illusion




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